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Undeclared Student Meeting 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Callie Bachman
I have no received an email from my advisor. How do I find out who that is?
Brooke Carleton
Yea I agree, how do we find our personal advisor?
Aine Clarke
Can I register for Summer ii on Monday? I have a couple courses I want to take but I can’t register right now
Brooke Carleton
I already did my placement tests but I also have several credits, for example: I did my English placement, but I already took a college level English course in high school. How do I know my credits were sent over? I think it should bump me to English 102
Brooke Carleton
While the transcripts are "sending" over to QU, am I allowed to put English 102 on my schedule?
Justin Ellis
If you have any questions, you can reach me at Robert.ellis@quinnipiac.edu, 404-345-7737, or on Instagram @justinellis
Jonathan Lee
And I’m jonathan.lee@quinnipiac.edu.