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School of Communications Academic Session - COM 101 HE - Shared screen with speaker view
Julianna Lepore
If anyone has any questions they don’t want to chat to everyone feel free to message me privately!
Alexandria Parsons
Hi! Do we have to take a foreign language class freshman year?
Mark Katz
Hey! So for language it depends on your major. However, to figure out for sure you can look through self service. We will go over self service soon so you can see if its required or not.
Max Kaplan
Where can we find our English score?
Margaret Theall
When choosing a FYS or UC class, should we be referencing SoC requirements or should we just be looking at what interests us currently?
Julianna Lepore
Max go to: MyQ, under self service, view your progress, program notes
Alexandria Parsons
The classes you already added, do I have to add them again to the planning page?
Alexandria Parsons
Ok thanks!
Devon Francis
I have a few question about the language classes. Should I email someone after the live stream about them? Also my transcript was just sent. Will I have to wait until it gets to the school to register for classes?
Mark Katz
Hey Devon! So SOC is not required to take any language classes. However, that does not mean that you cannot register for them!
Mark Katz
As for your transcript yes you need to wait till the transcript arrives at QU. However, I'm sure it will be there by the time you register since it is on 7/6.
Mark Katz
You can also send your transcript via email to Admissions@qu.edu
Alexandria Parsons
Is there a chart that plans out a four year plan for the communications media studies major?
Julianna Lepore
Heres my cell if you guys have any other questions, you can text me (551)697-8359
Mark Katz
Hi Alexandria! No there is not a plan for your four years. It is more "these are the classes you have to take" as to the order its up to you. However, certain classes require that you take other classes before registering for that class. so for example for com-200 you need to first complete com-140 before being eligible to take com-200
Mark Katz
Here is my cell as well (914) 659-5909