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Famine Heroes 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Christine Kinealy
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Lindsay Janssen
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Ronald J Gillis
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Ronald J Gillis
Given the success of his Irish Debut was this troupe subject to separate accommodation while they performed about the country and Britain
Lindsay Janssen
I very much enjoyed learning about Master Juba! You say that he broke stereotypes; do you know whether Juba's career had any lasting effect? Did his short career have implications for other non-white performers in minstrelsy, or beyond?
Therese’s iPad
This is a rather philosophical question proposed to me by a friend who is an Irish-Mexican professional Flamenco dancer & teacher, “are percussive dances characteristic of oppressed peoples”?
Pat Fairon
Re Juba not appearing on playbills I have copies f playbills for his appearances @ Vauxhall Gardens London in which he gets "star" billing...…..both as himself (Master Juba) and as Miss Lucy Long. Do you mean that he didn't get credited under William henry Lane ?
Nicki Cochrane
Was there a difference in audience response in different venues in Ireland and England?
Ronald J Gillis
Was Master Juba immortalized or recognized in any American hall of fame or Dance Venue
Pat Fairon
Re Jubas death. Has anybody come across reports of him dying in Dublin and his skeleton being purchased for exhibition in Sheffield ?
Nicki Cochrane
Where can I read what Dickens wrote in books, essays, articles, excerpts from lecture tours?
Turlough McConnell
Has Juba’s story been mentioned in any film or play.
Nicki Cochrane
Superb program. Thanks Turlough Nicki
Marie Gillooly
I join you from Roscommon tonight, Sean Nos I pronounced as "sean Knows", and they still use dis and dat in Dublin by the way. Wonderful hou
Therese’s iPad
Thank you