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Rethinking Careers Amidst COVID-19: How Changing Business Models Have Impacted the Job Market - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary McGovern
What are your thoughts on consumers jumping back into traveling....likely domestic to start.
Lila Carney
curious if you’ve heard about or read about any new/emerging companies that are coming about because of our “new normal?”
John Bau
My wife works as an elementary special educator -- something that is highly non-scalable and difficult to push online, yet "consumers" expect pre-COVID service and education law was not written to account for the distance-learning environment. Disappointment abounds on all sides. Are there other industries facing new regulatory or legal hurdles in the era of social distancing?
Steven Blumrosen
Hi Dale - You were just talking about phenomenon-based learning. I never heard that term before, so thanks for explaining - why did something fail? My question: Why did Capitalism fail us with Covid-19? Capitalism = Supply meets Demand. N-95 masks are still in great demand. There is not the supply. I was just talking with a retired attorney and he said we can't launch a manufacturing/warehousing/distributing company and make enough masks to meet the global demand. Doesn't someone have to? And, how do we get this back on track?
Carlson Rebecca L.
Hi Dale - I don’t have a question but my rugby athlete is Mckenna Haz and she speaks highly of your support of her academic endeavors in developing her business, thank you for speaking and for being a mentor for her.
Susan S.
Do you think that businesses will start to offer more services/products that will start to mimic or compete with Amazon? Even more so than Walmart type stores? Will there be a new Amazon emerging from this?
Jill Koehler
This was great. Thank you. Have to "run" to next meeting.
Christine Fitzgerald
Thank you Kristina and Jale. VERY interesting.
Susan S.
Thank you very much.