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Elizabeth Ludovico's Zoom Meeting-HSS - Shared screen with speaker view
Colleen Thompson
Any Questions after tonight- feel free to email SHSDeans@qu.edu
Colleen Thompson
Hi everyone- feel free to ask questions here! tell us what you are interested in!
Joseph Halbert
Looking at the website, I have noticed that within the Health Science Studies program there are numerous tracks we can follow. What track would you advise me to take if I was considering becoming a dietician?
Alexa Esposito
Being a new student and not certain of the Health Field I want to be in, what would you recommend I do in order to find the best major for me
Cindy Christie
Hi Joseph and Alexa! I’ll answer Alexa - the course that Alex mentioned is HSC 221 - intro to health careers. Every freshman takes it and hears from lots of guest speakers. You can be a health science studies major all 4 years, and once you determine what career is of most interest, we will help guide you with what courses and experiences will prepare you best.
Cindy Christie
(Also Alexa - you will take a career test called the Self Directed Search in that class, and it gives you careers to further research that could be a good match for you)
Colleen Thompson
Great answer, Emma! The major helps make sure you get all the necessary prerequisites so when you are ready, you will be able to pursue your career!
Colleen Thompson
If anyone out there is interested in pre-med we can answer questions about that!
Cindy Christie
If you think of questions after the program tonight, please do feel free to email the Dean’s Office at: SHSDeans@qu.edu, and we will either answer your question or make sure we get you connected with someone who can help!
Elizabeth Ludovico
This zoom meeting will be posted on the web site if students want to rewatch