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Transitioning from College to Career - Shared screen with speaker view
What was your favorite/least favorite class at QU?
Toyloy Brown
You talked a little about your journey into your career but can you talk directly about the saying who you know vs what you know?
Adam Keane
For an interview how do you stand out if it is more than one round of interviews?
Tom Krosnowski
What is the best way to stay in touch with people professionally? How frequently?
Kevin Perez
How powerful was your social media presence when you all applied to the internships and jobs that you are at right now?
Tomas Rodina
Are there any classes that you either wish you had taken or recommended someone take that don’t typically crop up during planning and scheduling but who’s skillsets are invaluable in the workplace?
Sophie F Rodgers
For Sam: I’m also from RI, is it worth it to look for jobs/internships there? Or do you feel like your job was an exception in such a small market?
Christina Vittas
@ Natalie Can you describe how you made the jump from an Executive Assistant to Junior Account Exec to Account Exec and any obstacles you had to overcome?
Liana DiMitri
Do you have any tips for finding jobs after college? Media Studies is so vast so how did you apply it to the different fields you were trying to find careers in?
Kevin Perez
Before you get contacted for interviews, employers look at your resume and cover letter first. How did you make yours unique to impress your employers?