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Famine Heroes 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Dennis Brownlee
Christine, in your book Black Abolitionists in Ireland, you describe an exchange that Sarah had with Madame Lola Montez. Can you tell us about that and what it represented?
Cynthia Fowler
I’m wondering if there is any visual documentation of her visit, or the visits of Douglas and other African Americans you document in your book. Any photographic archives? Or do you know of any artists that created paintings of these visits?
Fionnuala Regan
Would you please share more info about access to the May launch of the Frederick Douglass Way? Will there be info about the other Black Abolitionists in this?
Cynthia Fowler
Thank you! Very interesting discussion.
Fionnuala Regan
Wonderful program. Many thanks!
Maureen Brady
Thank you all!