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Change the Play: Social Entrepreneurship Supporting At-Risk Youth - Shared screen with speaker view
Diaz Lucy C.
what is one thing you have learned about being a business owner that you wish you had known beforehand?
Karla Natale
How can the university become more involved with Change the Play?
Diaz Lucy C.
what advice would you give to a young entrepreneur?
Josh Nespoli
There are so many competing pulls on youth attention/priorities - school, sports, clubs, work, home responsibilities, general life hurdles, etc. - At our local teen center we see so many students feeling like they need to do it all. Successful entrepreneurship requires so much focus, energy, and commitment. What are some of your strategies for building that commitment in your youth?
Kayla Dayle
What advice can you offer males of color looking to tap into markets in which they are the minority?
Kayla Dayle
How people connect with you further?
Kayla Dayle
In representation