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Interview the journalist - Shared screen with speaker view
Brooke Reilly
As a senior looking to break into the industry as an on-air reporter (or MMJ) / anchor, I know that I will be starting in local news. If offered a job that sounds like it could be a potentially good opportunity, do you recommend taking it or trying to apply to more and see if a better opportunity comes up?
Tom Krosnowski
What is the best way to stay in touch with people that you have met at internships? How frequently?
Brooke Reilly
Do you think that the current situation is going to hurt those of us looking to get jobs in the news industry? I know TV stations mostly profit off ad sales and may have hiring freezes
Emma Carman
I am senior as well and I have had tons of feedback on my reel. The feedback has varied in many directions from making it shorter, the correct order, etc. What is the biggest thing that future employers look for in a reel?
Braydon Seaburg
As a freshman how can one get involved early in the industry in order to be most beneficial down the road
max schreiber
If you’re looking for a job not on-air and more on the print side, how should you showcase your work (like a reel)?
Tom Krosnowski
What is the best way to stay in touch with people that you have met at internships? How frequently?
Wasim Ahmad
protip: Reserve your domain name as soon as you think of it. Someone grabbed wasimahmad.com and no amount of money has ever convinced him to give it up. (GoDaddy + Bluehost can do that for <$15 a year)
Here's my site if anyone needs any inspo! http://sarahdoiron.weebly.com/
Braydon Seaburg
what do you suggest for athletes who are not able to get internships because of their year round sports schedules
Brooke Reilly
What advice do you have with the job search in the news industry given the current situation?
Amanda Hoskins NBC 10
There is a group on Facebook called Storytellers. If you aren't in it, I would join. Sometimes people post job opportunities on there.